The Kitchen Table - A Restaurant Review

Recently some friends and I ate on a Wednesday evening at a Kosher restaurant in Mountain View The Kitchen Table. The restaurant is not open on Friday evening or on Saturday.

I had a salad with fish; the fish was very well prepared. I enjoyed it. The appetizers were very tasty. Out of our group of eight one person did say that their turkey burger was bit overcooked on the outside and had a bit of a charred taste. The others in the group seemed to enjoy their meals. The vegetarian in the group enjoyed his soup. The member of our group who had the duck said it was very good.

The restaurant was very busy and thus had the downside of service being a bit slow. This appeared to be due to the restaurant being full on a Wednesday and I suspect the crowd was due to people wanting to try a restaurant which had opened fairly recently.


Tiananmen Square

Those who are shocked that the government of the PRC has clamped down on communications and social network internet sites are hopelessly naive. Given other crackdowns on dissent such as during the Olympics; this crackdown should have been expected.

However I do not think the situation is hopeless; I think it is possible that when the 100th anniversary of Tiananmen Square occurs that perhaps there will be a statue erected to honor the memory and the example of the brave man who stood up to the tanks. Will it happen; maybe; maybe not. The PRC is better now than earlier times; will the liberal values of free expression and free markets be more fully realized in 80 years? I hope so.