Salad Recipe

I have created a recipe for a salad and decided to put the information here in order to make it easier to provide the recipe to anyone one who asked such as this weekend a friend gave me three wonder cucumbers (Thanks Karen) and I said I was going to make a salad. This salad works well in hot weather and does not contain lettuce.  I am really tired of salads which are mostly lettuce so I have created a healthy salad that contains no lettuce but does contain both fruit and vegetables.  I have served this at Burning Man and at Ephemerisle and it seems to always be well received.

My recipe is as follows:
Main ingredients:
   cucumbers    (about 35-40% of volume)
   apples           (about 30% of volume)
   onions           (about 10% of volume)
   bell peppers  (about 20-25% of volume)
The above proportions can be varied according to taste.  Just clean and chop and mix in a big bowl.  I find that chopping things at about 1 to 2 cm in any dimension works well.
Available to be added as each individual wants
   balsamic vinegar
   olive oil
Or go wild with one or more of the following
   dried cranberries
   sesame seeds

The version above is vegan friendly.  For those who want fish I either prepare a batch with wood smoked salmon mixed in or just put the salmon on a platter and let people add their own.

About acceptance of LGBT relationships

I have been very busy the past couple of months and had not commented on several items that I had originally intended and I still might get to them eventually.  What I do want to bring to your attention is something that Greta Christina wrote recently.  Greta had an unfortunate incident in which she injured her knee.  The part of her blog post that I want to call to your attention is where she starts to thank people and in particular two groups; those who have does evidence based science so that our medical technology is better than in was in years past and those who have worked for LGBT rights.   It is this last point that Greta illustrates so well when she talks about how Ingrid was able to say "She's my wife" and everyone on the medical and emergency services understood and accepted the relationship.

As a straight white guy it is sometime difficult for me to articulate all of the nuances related to gender or race as compared to someone who has real live experience and can offer better explanations and expositions.  Our society is stronger and richer when we discard race and gender bigotry.

I strongly suggest reading Greta's blog entry:


I also recommend reading Greta's blog in general.  I do not always agree with all of Greta's position however when I disagree I find that she has articulated a position which makes me think deeply and seriously about my own positions.