Obama and same sex marriage

I have watched the Obama interview segment where he says that he is now OK with same sex marriage.  That his thinking has evolved.  And that is good.  However I was a bit surprised when he started talking about it being a state issue and not a Federal issue.  I would have thought that someone who had been a law professor would have at least discussed how the Loving case concerning marriage between persons of different races related to the same sex marriage issue.  I have mentioned the Loving case previously: http://blog.lightingonemorecandle.com/2012/01/loving-photos.html?zx=8c33a255864e86cc

For a short essay on my feeling about marriage and political philosophy:

Technical glitch on contact form

Recently there was a technical glitch on the contact form on my main website.  If you used that form to send me a message it might have been delivered mangled or not delivered at all so might be a good a idea to try again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.