The movie Creation is out in limited release. If you get a chance and are interested in Charles Darwin and his family life and personal struggles during the years just before he published his book On The Origin of The Species then I strongly recommend this movie.

I have minor quibbles with the editing of the movie. But are just that minor quibbles; very minor quibbles. I left this movie feeling like I seen what a really good movie was like.

The movie website:http://www.creationthemovie.com/ lists limited number of theaters in which it is being released.



I expect everyone has seen and heard the extensive coverage about Haiti. I have just a few comments.

Please consider donating now and again in four to six months. After the emergency there will be a need for rebuilding and Haiti will be fading from the news. I have already donated now and I have set an alarm to remind me to make a donation in a few months. Most of us have a Blackberry, Treo, iPhone, Android or a similar smartphone or PDA. I suggest putting in a calendar reminder for some date four to six months from now; that is what I have done.

The impact of the earthquake on Haiti was compounded by Haiti being a poor country. The discussion of developing countries and what policies should be followed is often a topic that triggers ideological bickering. I will keep my comments brief. Based on what I have read Haiti has the misfortune of an overly bureaucratic and rigid system making it difficult for entrepreneurs to start new businesses. To the extent this is correct then now is a good time to change. Basically I think they need to read the book The Mystery of Capital by Hernando de Soto. It is not a perfect book but it has a number of important points that might help in developing a functioning economy in Haiti.

Another thing which I have read but not had time to verify is that the French sucked a lot of money out of Haiti following Haiti winning its independence. I have read a couple of articles; one is a reprint from Wall Street Journal January 2004 and the other is a recent blog entry.. If this is correct then now might be a good time for France to repay the money; not by mindlessly dumping in the Haitian government to be sucked up corrupt politicians or squandered on silly projects.

Already behind

Well I am already behind on my this blog and many other things I had meant to get done in 2010.

The NYE party that Mike and Karen hosted was great. And in the morning of January 1 I made it home to get some sleep.

When I woke up I had one more party to attend. I have some friends up in rural Marin county who throw a New Years Day party starting about 5:00PM. Getting from my home to their place is between two and three hours drive each way depending on traffic. I got started a bit later than I had intended but traffic was light and I arrived at their place at about 5:00PM. It had been rainy and misty. Their house is at the top of a rather steep and curvy driveway. In years past I had parked up at the house but this year I decided to park at a flat area set aside for parking at the base of their drive near the road. The grass was so slick with moisture that I had to try several times before I could get my car parked. Then the hike up the drive. But is was worth it. Lots of interesting conversation and good food. But eventually I had to leave and head back home.

The next day I got up and the weather was great. I rode my bicycle to the local Sunday Farmers Market and got some fruits and vegetables. Then that evening there yet another party hosted by my friends Dave and Spring. It was great. Lots of people, conversation, food, drink. It was fun.

One party to end 2009 and two parties to start 2010; a good start.