Saturday in San Francisco

I spent Saturday in San Francisco, I rode up from San Jose to San Francisco on the Caltrain which took about 90 minutes and gave me time to read. The main reason was to visit the Asian Art Museum to see the visiting exhibition of Afghanistan treasures from the National Museum, Kabul. Many of the items were over 2,000 years old. It is interesting to see the items with either origins or influences from many different areas and cultures such as Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese. The museum building was the old public library building which was upgraded and is now a fine facility.

After the museum I went over to Valencia Street. There are a variety of interesting shops along Valencia including the Pirate Store, Good Vibrations and Borderlands Books. Borderlands is a great bookstore with both new and used books. Saturday evening I got in line early to get a seat for Writers with Drinks. I have been to Writers with Drinks a couple of times and while it is of variable quality I usually find it interesting. Then since I was closer to a Bart station I walked over to the Bart station and rode Bart to the Millbrae station and then got Caltrain.

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