Commercial Party

I had a wonder time at my friend Brad's Super Bowl Commercial Party. The key to the party is that he records the Super Bowl on his MythTV setup and while it is recording those that want can go out for a hike. We hiked at the Rancho San Antonio County Park in Los Altos. Our group got separated but we eventually all made it back. Brad and Kathryn had set up a wonder spread of snacks. And before we left some of us had picked lemons from their tree for lemonade. So when we all got back Brad started the game and would fast forward until there was either a scoring play or a commercial. About half way through our viewing the pizza delivery arrived and we ate well. Then back to the commercials. When done seeing the game, the cake was brought out. On the cake was written "Go Products Go" in honour of the commercials.

Lots of good people, good food, good commercials and a generally good time.


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