New Star Trek Movie

After visiting the San Jose Museum of Art I went to the AMC Mercado in Santa Clara and bought a ticket for the new Star Trek movie. They have an IMAX screen and I decided to see it on IMAX. Now this is not the large curve screens that is the image that many people have of IMAX. It is just a larger flat screen. But is it larger so I spent the $13.75 to see it. I got my ticket a couple of hours in advance because I expect the showing to sell out (it did according to what I heard). Then I grabbed by computer from my car and went to the World Wraps restaurant near the theater ate a very tasty Thai Chicken wrap while reading a couple of novelettes on my laptop. The two that I read are Hugo award finalists.

The movie was better than expected. In my opinion the story of the young Kirk just did not hold together well and I think could have been better written; it was just a bit too much over the top. However once the movie shifted to Star Fleet Academy the writing seemed to get tighter and better structured.

I will not give away any of the key points of the movie. One thing which the movie did well was demonstrate a sensibility to the original Star Trek series and to Roddenberry's vision. I recommend the movie.

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