The Bad

It looks like I am on a theme of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and I have arrived at the Bad. The Doubletree Hotel in San Jose has declined recently and thus gets the title of "The Bad".

I can remember when the hotel was originally The Red Lion. Then it became the Doubletree and it went along OK for a few years. Then it started to decline. Seriously decline. I have attended many conferences and conventions at the hotel and I have seen it go down. I was there for a couple of events this past weekend and I was saddened at the low quality. The quality of the food had declined seriously and I do not recommend anyone eating there. They are now charging for parking so there if you stop off at the bar you will pay an additional $6 or more for just parking.

The service is poor although this appears to less the fault of the front line employees and more the fault of management making very unwise decisions about staffing and operation rules.

Bottom line: Do yourself a favor and do not book any events at the Doubletree. Avoid the place. Perhaps someday the management will be replaced with some people who are competent.

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