Potlatch and Restaurant Review

Potlatch is a small literary oriented SF convention that is held annually in each the Seattle or San Francisco Bay Area or occasionally in Portland. This year it was held March 5-7 in Seattle. I attended and had a wonderful time. The attendance is about 150 people and it has a single track of programming on generally literary topics as well as a small dealers room where one can find many interesting books. In addition to the scheduled program items there are nanoprogram items which are small gatherings which any person at the con arranges by putting up a notice of the topic, location and time. Anyone interested can show up. In 2011 the next Potlatch is scheduled to be in the San Francisco Bay Area most likely in Sunnyvale. More information can be found at the Potlatch website.

Potlatch was held in the Hotel Deca; an atypical hotel with character located in the University district of Seattle. There many choices for eating in that area. On Saturday a group of five from Potlatch walked the few blocks to eat at Chaco Canyon Cafe. This quirky vegetarian, organic restaurant prepares tasty food and serves it in relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Two people in our group of five SF fans run a farm which sells produce to the restaurant and were the ones who recommended it. Everyone in our group enjoyed the food.

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