Loving Photos

In 1967 the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) had the case of Loving versus the state of Virginia concerning the Virginia anti-miscegenation law. The SCOTUS ruling that the law was unconstitutional was important because Richard Perry Loving and Mildred Loving faced prison time which would have been bad both for them as well as their children. I almost left off the prior sentences because I assumed that everyone would know about the Loving case however I decided to include just in case someone had forgotten. Now to the point of this post; you can see an interesting set of photos about the Loving family at:
based on the exhibit at the International Center of Photography http://www.icp.org/

This is just one more reminder about why the government needs to stop defining marriage and since I have written on this elsewhere I will just provide a link:

And this should serve as a cautionary reminder that the misguided opinion that in the hierarchy of government (city, county, state/provincial, federal) that individual liberty is necessary better served at a lower level. This opinion is demonstrably false. The situation is complex and nuanced which makes simplistic formulas and slogans not only inaccurate but detrimental to the quest for liberty.

So take a look at the photos for a visual reminder of a historic case.

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Perry said...

Well, there is a single advantage to a more geographically localized tyranny -- it is easier to escape. A tyrannical law that has force in a large geographical area is harder to avoid by moving.