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I will often click on a link in a browser because it is something that I expect to want to look at later when I hope to have more time. Occasionally these links and other documents to which they point form interesting and unusual juxtapositions. And I cover a few of these juxtapositions here.

Glenn Greeenwald has an article on the attack drones from the USA targeting those who might be rescuers and/or mourners:

Additional discussion at:

Killing children and any helpful bystanders who come to the aid of injured people is not a really good way to gain the good will of people around the world and to encourage the social connections which help develop a better society.

I think that having a well educated populace with knowledge of social sciences, arts, physical and biological sciences is an aid in developing a rich and more tolerant social environment. So what was the results of the actions of the government of the USA in Iraq both prior to and after the invasion? According this article it has not been good:

And we all remember Obama getting the Peace Prize. Well it looks like there are now some concerns that Prize has not always been justified or was too political.

And in an interesting development we see that PFC Bradley Manning has been nominated:

All of this might lead to a serious and public discussion about the Peace Prize, who gets it and why. If that conversation has a difficult time starting with those who award the Prize then perhaps a way to jumpstart the discussion is to ask them to consider if Manning is more deserving of the prize than Obama.

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