2081 - A Movie Review

Title: 2081
Length: 25 minutes
Website: http://www.finallyequal.com/

This film is an excellent adaptation of the short story "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut.

I suspect that most people are like me in having read the short story years ago and thus the general structure and end of the story are known to most viewers. Yet the movie is riveting due to the extra dimension that the visual impact of the handicapping devices and the uniforms of the police.

This is a movie where all of the pieces work; the director does a great job, the actors are excellent, the costuming and sets hit the mark. The movie is visually excellent; it enhances not detracts from the story. The movie follows the original work by Vonnegut where appropriate but differs and introduces new elements that give it a more urgent flavor.

I highly recommend this movie. Very seldom do I find that a movie adaptation surpasses the original written work; however in this case I think this movie really builds on and enhances Vonnegut's work.

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