A Great Weekend

This was a fine weekend. It began with Friday evening with Nancy. We had a wonderful meal at Yulong Cafe in Mountain View. We had some delicious wonton soup followed by very tasty Hunan Lamb and rice.

Saturday I slept a bit late and then got up to take care of a few errands. One of which was to pick up a camera extension at REI in Fremont. One of the email list I am on had mentioned that there would be model railroads operating at Niles. I am not a big rail fan like some people but I do find it occasionally interesting so I headed to Niles. Niles is one of the smaller areas which was incorporated into the larger city of Fremont. Niles was where Charlie Chaplin and others did much of the early film work. The Niles Celebration was being held over the weekend. I paid a reasonable $3 for entry to the old train depot which is now a museum of railroad items such as tools, equipment and uniforms. Also there were a couple of model railroads setups. While I was in the Depot an Amtrak train passed by on the tracks. Outside they served free cake and cookies. I opted for some cake. Adjacent to the depot was a "garden scale" model railroad which actually used steam rather that electricity. Unfortunately it was not operating because of a damage to the rod connecting to the piston which seems to have occurred during a collision earlier. The model locomotives were about 18 inches long and looked interesting. A replacement was being setup but I did not stick around because I was getting hungry for some substantial food.

I have been trying to eat somewhat healthy but I treated myself to a tasty Angus burger with cheese, sweet potato fries and a coke at the Essanay Cafe across the street from the depot. I walked around Niles for a bit and then headed home. That evening I went down to the Hedley Lounge and had some Guinness and listened to live music. The Hedley has live music on the weekends usually jazz or some jazz influenced variant.

Sunday I slept late and then got up and finished the book I was reading. I have written a review of the book. The book is titled Why American History is not What They Say. It was a really beautiful day. I went out for bicycle right and really enjoyed the fine weather. I also did a few small chores. The evening was spent working. Yeah, working. There were some work related items that need to be finished by tomorrow and I had indicated that I would start on them Sunday evening. And things went faster than planned so I completed them.

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