Photos, laws and related topics

The are several topics in the news that are somewhat related:
The Canadian Film maker Rob Spence lost an eye in an accident as a teenager and now he wants to have a mini camera installed in his prosthetic eye. And Tanya Vlach in San Francisco also has the same idea. My guess is that one or both of these projects will be successful within a few weeks or months; I would be very surprised if it takes over a year. Thus there would be people walking around taking video on the fly; not great high definition but still video.

Coming on the market are small lanyard cameras such as those in this BoingBoing blog entry.

Now consider what some police and politicians are doing. Cory Doctorow had a blog post in BoingBoing about the bizarre behaviour of NYPD on trying to enforce a law that does not exist; details in this NYT article. And then there is the proposal in the UK about police photos. I suspect that many police and politicians want to watch everyone and have no one watch them.

Surveillance is not a simple subject. The recent case of a Chicago cop beating a bartender is interesting in that the charges against the officer were increased after the surveillance video hit the internet. And there is the role video shot from cameras of the BART police shooting a young man.

These topics are more complex than I can cover in this one post. However as a beginning place to start thinking about these issues I suggest reading Cory Doctorow's SF novel Little Brother which is available as a free download and at booksellers. And there are a couple of sites worth following since they often have news on these topics: BoingBoing and the Reason blog.

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