Over the weekend I saw the movie Watchmen. It was not bad; actually it was fairly good considering the difficulty of trying to take the vision of a graphic novel and transfer it to a motion picture. One thing which actually helped the movie was how closely it followed the graphic novel; this kept it from wondering off course.

Time will tell about how the movie does financially. I suspect that there were people going to the movie who were not familiar with the graphic novel and expected a typical superhero movie. For people who enjoyed the graphic novel; I recommend the movie if you adjust your expectation appropriately. For people who have never read the graphic novel but can deal with an atypical superhero story with lots of violence and story line which is more complex than average superhero movie then it is worth seeing. Both the graphic novel and the movie will make you think.

The Guardian has an interesting interview with Alan Moore in which Moore discusses the Watchmen graphic novel, some of his views on comics and his take on the movie business. In the interview Moore also discusses Lost Girls. I have not read Lost Girls but the Guardian describes it as "a 320-page, three-volume work of pornography, illustrated by Melinda Gebbie, a veteran of the San Francisco underground and also his wife." The Lost Girls covers the sexual adventures of three fictional women – Lewis Carroll's Alice, Peter Pan's Wendy and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

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